Quick Fix: Squeaky Hinge

This repair took me about 10 minutes and fixed a really annoying problem: an internal door hinge that squeaked every time I opened the door.

You’ll need a hammer, flat-head screwdriver, something short that can stick up into the hinge, steel wool, petroleum jelly or another similar lubricant (lithium grease), and a few cotton swabs.

First, i identified which hinge was squeaking. In this case, it was the bottom hinge on the bedroom door;


If you look closely at your hinge, it should have a little gap between the head of the hinge pin and the two brackets. You may be able to slip a flat-head screwdriver in there and just pry it up.

Hinge showing gap

In my case, I had to force the pin out by sticking a short screwdriver in the bottom and tapping it with a hammer.

Taking out hinge

The hinge pin was filthy, covered with black stuff.

Dirty hinge pin

I scrubbed it with a little steel wool and washed it with dish soap. Then I dried it. It looked a lot better.

Clean hinge pin

I also swabbed out the hinge bracket with some cotton swabs. Here’s what THAT produced!

Dirty cotton swabs

Then I lubricated the hinge pin with a little petroleum jelly and inserted it back into the bracket.

Hinge with petroleum jelly


I tapped it down with a hammer, and voila! no more squeaking – from that hinge!

Fixed hinge