Monthly Archive:: November 2014

Quick Fix: Squeaky Hinge

This repair took me about 10 minutes and fixed a really annoying problem: an internal door hinge that squeaked every time I opened the door. You’ll need a hammer, flat-head screwdriver, something short that can stick up into the hinge, steel wool, petroleum jelly or another similar lubricant (lithium grease), and a few cotton swabs.

Interlude: a different kind of DIY

Another thing I DIY: books. Recently the rights (writes?) to one of my previously-published novels, ‘Stolen’, published in 2012 by Malachite Quills/Chimera Tales, reverted to me. That means it’s time for me to put out a new edition – the second edition – under my own imprint, Tulk Tales. So I took a break from

The Possessed Smoke Alarm

I’ve been working on removing the popcorn ceiling from one of my back bedrooms, and it creates a lot of dust. Although I try to confine it to the back, some of it invariably floats around the house, settling on and in various things. The other day I came home from grocery shopping to find