Monthly Archive:: October 2014

Arts & Crafts: Steampunk Stegosaurus

DIY on a small scale – made with bits & pieces lying around from various projects. The body is made from two pieces of metal pendant, the head and legs from shelf supports, the hips from washers, the spines from kind of lock-washer type things, the tail from some other unidentified part, and the end

Safety: testing popcorn ceilings

‘Popcorn’ or ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings are made by spraying on a goopy substance. They were popular in the 1970s and early 1980s for who-knows-what reason. It’s said that they dampen noise and cover ceiling flaws, but most people nowadays – me included – hate them. Prior to the banning of asbestos in house interiors 1979,

DIY #3: Garage door weatherstripping

We’re not talking about the stick-on foam kind here, but the tack-on vinyl stuff, which is much longer-lasting although harder to put up. It’s still pretty easy. I bought a package of garage door weatherstripping for about $20. It comes with enough to do sides and top of a double garage door, and comes with

House Hacks: Curtain Call

I’m not interested in adding new curtain hardware before I paint (you can see why painting is in the future!) but I needed curtains for light and temperature control in the spare bedroom. That meant using the existing curtain rod, but most of my curtains are tab-top, and the rods are installed on the window

Garden Stuff: black beans and green beans

Today I decided to pick a bunch of the dried green beans still on the vines to use as seed-stock and to experiment with cooking them. I shelled out 4 1/2 cups of dried beans, and also got a handful of black beans. I don’t know which plant they came from or I’d look for

DIY #2: Fix kitchen sink side-sprayer

When I moved into the house, the sprayer on the sink, called a ‘side-sprayer’ if you’re looking to buy one, wasn’t working. The three most common problems, I learned, are the sprayer nozzle being broken or clogged up, the sprayer hose being clogged up, or a little piece called the ‘diverter’ being broken or clogged

Interlude: Squash Cookies

Not really a DIY, but sort of – because the squash came from my garden! Here’s some of the output from the garden: And here’s the cookies, made with acorn squash. You can make them with pumpkin, butternut squash, or any other winter squash (winter squash are the ones with hard shells). Perhaps not spaghetti

DIY #1a: add ramp to doggie door

After installing the doggie door in DIY #1, I realized that I was going to need to build a ramp, since the outside of the door was much further from the ground than the inside and one of my dogs is fairly old. Here’s how I did it: 1) I already had a big piece