Interlude: what am I doing now?

It’s summer, and we’re finally getting some nice days after six weeks of rain and the wettest May on record. So I’ve abandoned inside projects and am working on outside ones, as well as trying to manage weeds, garden, and lawns. The following two

A little paint and board & batten

After a brief hiatus, I’m back – mostly have been working on paint, as well as some demo outside. One of my recent projects was a minor re-do of the bathroom, seen below in a ‘Before’ snap:   Now, more power to the previous

Ninja Sander!

Now it’s time to work on the bathroom (for obvious reasons!) This pic shows off the hallucinogenic walls and my Ninja sanding outfit. To achieve the head/neck wrap, take an old T-shirt and pull it over your head so the neck opening frames your

Quick Fix: Squeaky Hinge

This repair took me about 10 minutes and fixed a really annoying problem: an internal door hinge that squeaked every time I opened the door. You’ll need a hammer, flat-head screwdriver, something short that can stick up into the hinge, steel wool, petroleum jelly

Interlude: a different kind of DIY

Another thing I DIY: books. Recently the rights (writes?) to one of my previously-published novels, ‘Stolen’, published in 2012 by Malachite Quills/Chimera Tales, reverted to me. That means it’s time for me to put out a new edition – the second edition – under

The Possessed Smoke Alarm

I’ve been working on removing the popcorn ceiling from one of my back bedrooms, and it creates a lot of dust. Although I try to confine it to the back, some of it invariably floats around the house, settling on and in various things.

Arts & Crafts: Steampunk Stegosaurus

DIY on a small scale – made with bits & pieces lying around from various projects. The body is made from two pieces of metal pendant, the head and legs from shelf supports, the hips from washers, the spines from kind of lock-washer type

Safety: testing popcorn ceilings

‘Popcorn’ or ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings are made by spraying on a goopy substance. They were popular in the 1970s and early 1980s for who-knows-what reason. It’s said that they dampen noise and cover ceiling flaws, but most people nowadays – me included – hate